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Truth or Truth   Submit   I'm 23. Queer. Living in San Francisco. Graduating in May with a degree in History and a minor in LGBT Studies. And incredibly grateful to be sober.

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I think I’m too sensitive to work in customer service. But then again some guys are just assholes. the whole “i’m not trying to take it out on you” thing? yes, you are. I’m a tiny woman, I just don’t understand how you can be mean especially when you can tell im about to cry. geeeezzz. then I have to go in the back and have a mini-meltdown. so silly.

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I just fell in love with Kristen Bell. There is such a fine line between laughing and crying for me!

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goldensinner asked: i came across your blog while lloking up quotes about sobriety , today i've got 30 days clean and sober and i am so incredibly grateful. i love your blog , i can feel you'll inspire me and give me hope when i feel the need to drink. <3


Congrats on 30 days! That’s such a big deal. Sobriety is rad and my life has only gotten better even though there have been some rough times. Keep coming back :]

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